Some of the letters and story’s from ex clients.

Hi my name is Sam

Well where to start? I had a tough childhood I was physically, emotionally and sexually abused. I lost people I loved and struggled with how to cope with grief, all this led me starting with weed then moving on to harder drugs. I had my first child at 18 with a much older man. I think I was subconsciously looking for a father figure, 18 months later I had my second child with him before splitting up. I met another man who was also significantly older than me who I married and had 4 children with. This relationship was violent and abusive. Alcohol played a big part in the abuse and I was still using drugs, this lifestyle took its tool and it led to me losing my children. I divorced my husband and I began to spiral out of control indulging in binge drinking, drug abuse and casual sex it was at this point I had my first experiences with heroin and crack cocaine. I started a relationship with another man (older again) he was extremely violent, abusive and controlling, alcohol dominated our relationship. His violence led me to being hospitalised with broken bones, heavy bruising and it caused me to have fits. This abuse led me to hit heroin really hard and I turned to prostitution and begging to fund my habit but the worse thing I feel I did was sell my children’s Christmas presents, this was my lowest point. I felt worthless, hopeless and suicidal. I had an appointment at the beacon and they noticed I was in a bad way emotionally and physically and asked how I was? I replied “I want to end it all” the beacon contacted the police who got in touch with Dorothy Patterson’s who advised that I should be admitted to their facility and I spent 7 weeks in there. Prior to this on one of my hospital stays following another violent episodes from my ex partner a girl I know told me about the manor women’s project, I spoke to my drugs worker at the beacon and informed them of my desire to get clean and turn my life around and that I wanted to go to the manor women’s project to do this. I attended a interview at the project they informed me there was no available places at the moment but to keep calling so I did every day usually twice a day. I was so determined to get the help I needed. After a few months I got told there was a space becoming available luckily I got the news I wanted and I got in. Once in the manor project I did one to one sessions with the staff, group sessions which I found really helpful, they assisted me with coping with my issues and aided me in starting to live independently in my own self contained room whilst knowing the support was there when I needed it. They gave me the tools to know I can get better and constantly provided help, support and love along the way. I can now say I have been clean for 3.5 years, I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I have a good relationship with my children and I have moved in with my boyfriend. I have known him for over 10 years and he’s a kind, gentle, patient and loving. Before the manor project my life and future looked dark, hard and short but thanks to the project and the tools they gave me to cope my future looks bright, positive and happy.



I came to the Manor project in 2018. I was referred by Swanswell Drug and alcohol clinic. I was an alcoholic and drug addict. I was drinking 2 big bottles of Vodka a day and taking crack cocaine also.

Prior to moving into the project I was putting myself in very vulnerable situations and was attacked on many occasions and also sexually assaulted and I was so intoxicated I was not always aware what had happened to me.

I had lost my 3 children and couldn’t have any contact with them. I had hit rock bottom.

I am so glad I found the Manor Project because I truly believe I would be dead now.

Since moving into the Manor Project I am totally clean and sober.

While at the Project I did various groups which have helped me with my confidence, helped me believe in myself and I believe the skills I have learnt will help me to stay clean for the rest of my life. If I did not come here I would not of been where I am now and  I am ready to move out and move back into my mom’s house with my children and begin to start to be a Mom again.

Julie Age 36


Living in the manor has changed my perspective in many different ways, one of them being how I see myself and how different I will live my life due to knowing I will succeed.  

Before coming into the Manor I knew I had a problem, a problem I did not understand and did not have control over; this problem was a drug addiction, this impacted my life to the point of losing everything I earned, loved and believed in.

When I came Into the Manor; I had the opportunity to meet people who had if not the same but worse problems as me, this helped me as I realised I was no longer lost, misunderstood and on my own, I found people who wanted to change and live a better life. Working with Sharron, Alison and Gregg helped me realise who I was, how strong I am, what I can achieve and guided me through my journey.  

From one to one sessions, group meetings and continuous motivation and encouragement from the staff I grow stronger every day. I understand who I was and why I made bad life choices but from the day I step foot into The Manor Women’s Project, that all changed. 

I have achieved more than I ever thought I could! I have completed a two year course studying business management level three at Walsall Collage with triple distinctions, gained five different level two qualifications throughout the home learning scheme, and am now I am going on university to study within the institute of health.

Although I know it is me who has stayed focused, been determined and fought through the war of addiction, it is thanks to the staff within the Manor Women’s Project that I am going to prosper and thrive in life. I will never be able to thank them enough for helping and supporting me in who I am and what I will achieve now my journey with them is over.

Sharon, Alison and Gregg; thank you for being on my side when I needed you and correcting me when I was wrong, you have saved my life and shown me who I am capable of being.

You will always be in my heart, I love you all.

 From K. Age 22 xxx


The Manor Project for me 13/9/21

Hi my name is Jodie and I have been at the Manor project for 2.5 years.

  • It’s the 1st time I have ever been clean in over 20 years!!
  • I got referred here by my drug worker from swanswell in Worcester
  • Before I got here I was in a bad way, they say you need to hit rock bottom to really want help to change and I had been there 100’s of times already.
  • I got evicted from my house but my final thing was when I lost my children 🙁
  • I had nothing, even my family didn’t want to know me because of the situation, it was well, I don’t know what words can explain how I felt.
  • I rang the Manor Project and spoke to both Alison and Greg and they told me if I really wanted a place here I needed to ring every day to get a tick, to say that I had rang (this was because there was not a space available at the time and to prove to them I really wanted the place)
  • When I came for my interview I knew it was “exactly” the place I needed to be and would of stayed there and then of they would of let me.
  • Skip forward to 2 and a half years – I am clean and learning to live in the real world.
  • I have regular contact with my children and life is starting to look good. 🙂

Many, many Thanks Jodie x


From the person that came into the Manor Project to the person I am now still shocks me as I never knew I could become who I am now. When I first came in I didn’t think there was no hope for me to change and get sorted out, this was because since the age of 7 some sort of shit was happening up until age 36. I’ve been abused sexually, emotionally, physically and kidnapped, most of these happening all the time throughout my life. I thought I could block memories with drink and drugs but then my habit became £800-£1000 per day. I lost my kids, house, job, family and friends and it came to the point I didn’t want to live anymore. I have done a lot of bad things to get money and I’m not proud of it, it makes me cringed to think some of the things I’ve done. When I first moved into the project I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Since coming here, we do group work twice a week and I cannot rate the group sessions enough they have helped me in some tough situations which the old me wouldn’t of knew how to deal with them or cope. We also have one-to-one sessions as many times as you need. You can have them every day if you need them. These have helped me when I’m angry, happy, having bad thoughts, when to much thoughts are going through my head or just generally having a bad day. At first I didn’t think I’d talk, but I learned to trust and they have helped me a lot but the staff here are amazing, well they’re my family now and I know that if I rang them at 3am in trouble or if I was going to do something stupid they would come and get me no questions.

I have been here 21 months now and it has been hard. I have had one little blip and it’s made me more determined.

Since being here I have done 3 level 2 distant learning courses and passed, i’ve passed level 1 in health and social care and I have enrolled to do my level three diploma in counselling skills. I’ve got regular contact with my girls now and my family are slowly coming back. I’m slowly getting my life back I know what I want to do.

This place has saved my life and I love the staff to bits, so if you are ready to change your life and I mean you do have to be ready, then this place is for you. Please don’t expect it to be easy because sometimes it’s not but it’s definitely worth it, I can promise you that.

L. Age 37



Card received from a clients parents.

Dearest Alison & Greg

Who thought when this first started, it would end like this. We are so proud of her, but a big thank you to both of you and all the staff who helped. let’s hope some of this rub’s off onto some of the other girls. When I first met you both I felt I had lost my daughter, but you have returned her to me. With your hard work and ***** ‘s, it has put a smile on all our faces.

Big thank you again

All our best


Client 1- I was a heroin and crack addict for 9 years living here and there and committing crimes to feed my habit. I found myself pregnant and social services telling me I had no chance of keeping my unborn baby and they would remove my child straight at the birth, after contacting the Project I was given an interview the staff here are amazing people and for once I met professionals who wanted to help me because they cared, I was given a room and social services agreed to let me keep my baby. My child was on the child protection register due to my drug use and domestic violence from my previous relationship, after being at the Manor Project for 13months my child is no longer on child protection and there is no social services involvement whatsoever I am currently clean of all drugs and continue with the staffs support 2 stay this way, I start college in September and my life is moving forward there is no looking back now and that is thanks to all the staff at the Manor Project, Me and my daughter wouldn’t be here today without there support and guidance its a sham there isn’t more places like this.

Client 2 – Hi, I was addicted to heroin and crack for a period of 12 years and also come custom to violent relationships. I was introduced to the Manor Project in 2007 by Horizon House Wolverhampton by my key worker at that time .. Which was truly the best decision I have ever made. I was at rock bottom with my raging drug addiction and had enough of the violent relationship I was in at that time. So I left Wolverhampton and went to start over at the Manor Project in Walsall. I was determined to make a better life for myself and with the help of the staff at the Manor Project I have succeeded successfully I was at the Project for a total of four and half years where I learnt coping skills, learnt about consequences of actions and also there is a family kind of sense about the project. The support network was very beneficial, I also had a lot of one to one support sessions with Greg whom is the senior support worker at the project. Which got me through some tough times which I am so grateful, I then went on to achieving many qualifications including an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social care whilst at the Project. I have also passed my driving test, which is a great achievement for myself as it has been a lifelong goal. I am now seven years clean down the line and in full time employment at a rehabilitation centre doing and enjoying the job I love. It has not been easy but it has been so worth it.


We are very proud of the achievements our clients have made whilst at the Manor Project. We find that education is a great stimulant running in the background of their recovery program.

Let me introduce you to a fantastic person who was the 5th girl to move into the project in 2003 and did not have the educational opportunities our current clients are now offered by the project.



Hi my name is Susan, I was a drug user for 23years and at my worst was having to earn £700 a day to fund my habit. I really believed that I would die through my drug taking and got to a stage where I didn’t care anymore. Taking drugs for all those years took its toll on my body and I was known by my first name by all the Hospital staff because I was in and out of hospital all the time. My interview for the Manor Women’s Project was actually conducted from my Hospital bed.
I had been in many places that were supposed to help me with my addiction but all failed. I was at the Manor Project for 3 years, my stay there was great because the staff made me feel like I was worth something and they genuinely cared. As I was coming to the end of my rehabilitation program at the project I was encouraged by the staff to take a counselling course I took their advice and can tell you to-day I am a qualified Councillor. All this while I worked as a drug support worker, working my way up to Manager and living independently for the last 8 years. I passed my driving test and drive my own car.

2022 – Update on this ex-client, this lady is now 19 years clean and has not used drugs since the day she moved into the Manor Project in 2003. She is a manager in a Drug Clinic and worked her way up from a complex case worker, she uses her life skills/counselling and recovery skills to help others. 


leandra web sight Leah
At the height of my addiction I was using £50 – £300 of drugs per day.
I was using various substances namely Heroin, Crack cocaine and Marijuana
I used any drugs I could get my hands on, and all this whilst taking a heroin substitute methadone.
I worked as a prostitute for over 10 years to fund my habit but would turn my hand to theft, deception and any other illegal activity to gain money for drugs.
I heard about the Manor Women’s Project from a marijuana smoker who had dealings with users. I came for an interview.  I’ve now been at the project for a number of years and I’ve have achieved far more than I ever dreamed I could, with the help from staff and working hard on my recovery. some of the qualifications I’ve achieved are level 2&3 health and social care, I’m also currently taking my level 5 in health and social care (leadership and  managers course ).effectively with this qualification I can run my own hostel.
I have level 2 in psychology and level 3 in criminology, I also have level 2 in maths, English and I T.

2022 – Update on this ex-client. This lady is still clean from drugs and successfully past her level 5 in health and social/ leadership and management and now works in the care industry.



Hi my name is Katie I have lived at the Manor project for nearly two years.  I was addicted to heroin and crack for 9 years spending up to £400a day. I was committing crime to get money for my habit; I have been in and out of prison all the time I was on drugs. My eldest daughter who is now 13 was removed from my care and placed with a family member when she was 3, when I fell pregnant in 2012 I was told from the start my baby would be taken from birth because of my chaotic lifestyle. A local drug agency got in touch with the manor project for me and I was given an interview and a place a few days later because I was moving into the project social services gave me a chance and let me keep my baby as long as I succeeded at the project. I have been here nearly 2 years now and I have no social services involvement, I am doing my diploma level 3 in health and social care and I will be starting my driving lessons this year. My life has improved dramatically and it’s all thanks to the staff at the Manor project for giving me a chance, with their support I will continue to progress.


BECKY WEB PAGEHello my name is Naseem  I was using Class A Drugs for 13 years and it wreck my life. I was spending up to £250 a day from crime and have served about 10 prison sentences. I came to the conclusion that I would die on road and did not think anyone could help me. During my last prison sentence I was told about the Manor Project but I was not impressed because I had already been into several places that had promised to help me with my drug addiction and did not deliver what they promised. I came to the Manor and the first thing I noticed was its family atmosphere I soon got stuck in and I have achieved many qualifications including an NVQ level 3 health and social care because I would like to be a drugs worker in the future I have also passed my driving test whilst at the manor. I still am finding my recovery tough and still have a way to go, but with the help of the staff at the Manor I believe I will be 100% successful.


My name is Jackie
I started drugs late in my life, and had already completed by GSCE’s, A-levels and BTEC national diploma before starting my drug habit at the age of 21. I was a crack and heroin user for over 8 years of my life, with a daily habit £100, funded by prostitution. My future outlook back then was bleak, I weighed 7 1/2 stone at my lowest point and I wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of years before dying.
I moved into the Manor in June 2008 and it felt like a family straight away, the help and support offered was such a change from the usual help offered in clinic, they really did care about me and my welfare.
I was encouraged to undertake an educational course, the next progression for me was a degree. I did struggle with the degree, it was hard going back to education later in life, but I succeeded in the end. I graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2014 with a 1st class honours, I have since go on to a full time employment within the university.
The photo above is from my graduation in 2014, Alison and Greg where there to offer me support even after I had left the project, it was a proud day for everyone.




My name is Louise, I have been at the Manor Women’s Project for two years nine months. Throughout this time I have remained drug and crime free, before I came to the Manor I was addicted to class A drugs for Seven years. I did everything possible in my power to find £150 to £200 a day to support my habit. Alongside my intense recovery and rehabilitation plan I have managed to gain many qualifications including health and social care NVQ level 3, health and social care level 2, Community Justice level 3,Drug and Alcohol Services level 3 CPCAB level 2 counselling skills to name but a few.



My name is Emma Edwards I have been at the Manor women’s project for three years, it was costing £300 to £400 per day to feed my addiction to heroin and crack cocaine.,, I was using drugs for approximately 8 years, a consequence of this was I had many custodial sentences. It got to a stage in my life that I wanted to die with a crack pipe in my hand. I had no future prospects I had very little or no self-esteem and I could not see a way out.
Look at me now I am so happy to be alive, I am out of that drug life and I have a brilliant future in front of me thanks to the Manor women’s project. With the qualifications I have gained whilst coming through my rehabilitation I can now go out and help others who are in the situation I was. Look at me above with all my qualifications I am so proud, and my mum is so proud of me and I know my dad would would have been too, I love them both very much. Amongst my qualifications I have an NVQ level 3 in health and social care, health and social care level 2 (six module distinctions and overall distinction) I have qualifications in mental health, criminal justice system, and last year I won student of the year award at Walsall College (the plastic star in front of me) you can also see a five aside football trophy that five of us girls from the project won, I would just like to say a massive thank you to Alison and Greg owners of the project I could not have done it without you and love you both very much, EMSKI.

Update 2022 – Emski has been 16 years drug free and she has her own family.



Hello my name is Sam I have been at the Manor Project for 3 years 9 months. I was a drug user for 12 years and my habit cost me £200-£300 on average per day from crime. My crimes become so frequent I was placed on the prolific offenders list. I have achieved many qualifications including maths and Level 2 English, Health and Social Care level 2, NVQ Level 3 Health and Social care, Drug awareness level 2, Community Justice Level 3 (Progression Award), Relapse Prevention, Heart Start, First Aid, Health & Safety, amongst others. I have passed my Driving Theory Test and should be passing my Driving Test shortly. I am now a mom to my children. I am currently waiting to move into my own accommodation and will be seeking employment in the future. I would just like to say thank you to all the staff at the Manor Project for all the help, support and guidance throughout my recovery.



Hello my name is Jane and I have been at the manor woman’s project for 2 years. I started using cannabis at the age of 14 and by the time I was 15 I was addicted to class A drugs.

My habit cost up to £150 a day and I got the money by committing any possible crime. I was on drugs for a total of 8 long years. I am now proud to tell you thanks to all the help, support and guidance from the manor woman’s project I have been drug and crime free for 2 years. Within the last 2 years I have had help with money management at the project and can tell you for the past year and half I have been repaying my debts, because when I came to the manor project I gave up a flat and left with a lot of debt, such as housing benefit, council tax, rent, ect.

I still have a way to go with my recovery and want to make sure l leave at the right time with everything in place. Like most of the girls here I did not have any qualifications but now realise why it is so important to gain them while working hard with my recovery. I have achieved qualifications which will help me back into society by getting a fantastic job,

I have now got my level 2 English and maths, level 2 Health and Social Care (overall distinction) level 2 in Counselling Skills and level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care, I am also enrolled on a level 3 community justice course for September 09. I have also started my driving lessons. I would just like to say without the manor woman’s project and the dedication and passion from the staff I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I honestly thought I was doomed to be on drugs for the rest of my life.

Update 2022 – This lady is now 15 years clean. She works in a hospital and working her way up to higher bands. She is settled and got her own family.



Hello I’m Kirsty I was addicted to illegal drugs for 12 years with a daily habit of £250-£300 and more if I could get it. Drug taking ruined my life, it destroyed everyone around me and would have killed me if I had not come to the Manor. I have been at the Project for nearly 4 years and have needed every day of it to make sure I never go back to that horrific life.

It has not been an easy journey and I thank all the staff for putting up with me and having time and patience to keep believing in me. I now that on a few occasions you could have asked me to leave but you never gave up on me thank you for saving my life. I can now go on to help others who were in the same mess I was in because I have just been told that I have secured a full time job as a drug support worker and start at the end of August. I am now looking for my own accommodation and a new start in life, I have new friends and are so happy I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream.

I now understand why education is so important I am astonished at what I have achieved considering I had no qualifications when I came to the Manor I now have completed health and social care level 2 and level 3 I have gained counselling skills level 2, community justice progression award level 3, drug and alcohol level 2 and all the necessary basic qualifications needed.