Card received from a clients parents.

Dearest Alison & Greg

Who thought when this first started, it would end like this. We are so proud of her, but a big thank you to both of you and all the staff who helped. let’s hope some of this rub’s off onto some of the other girls. When I first met you both I felt I had lost my daughter, but you have returned her to me. With your hard work and ***** ‘s, it has put a smile on all our faces.

Big thank you again

All our best


Client 1- I was a heroin and crack addict for 9 years living here and there and committing crimes to feed my habit. I found myself pregnant and social services telling me I had no chance of keeping my unborn baby and they would remove my child straight at the birth, after contacting the Project I was given an interview the staff here are amazing people and for once I met professionals who wanted to help me because they cared, I was given a room and social services agreed to let me keep my baby. My child was on the child protection register due to my drug use and domestic violence from my previous relationship, after being at the Manor Project for 13months my child is no longer on child protection and there is no social services involvement whatsoever i am currently clean of all drugs and continue with the staffs support 2 stay this way, I start college in September and my life is moving forward there is no looking back now and that is thanks to all the staff at the Manor Project, Me and my daughter wouldn’t be here today without there support and guidance its ashame there isn’t more places like this.

Client 2 – Hi, I was addicted to heroin and crack for a period of 12 years and also come custom to violent relationships. I was introduced to the Manor Project in 2007 by Horizon House Wolverhampton by my key worker at that time .. Which was truly the best decision I have ever made. I was at rock bottom with my raging drug addiction and had enough of the violent relationship I was in at that time. So I left Wolverhampton and went to start over at the Manor Project in Walsall. I was determined to make a better life for myself and with the help of the staff at the Manor Project I have succeeded successfully I was at the Project for a total of four and half years where I learnt coping skills, learnt about consequences of actions and also there is a family kind of sense about the project. The support network was very beneficial, I also had a lot of one to one support sessions with Greg whom is the senior support worker at the project. Which got me through some tough times which I am so grateful, I then went on to achieving many qualifications including an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social care whilst at the Project. I have also passed my driving test, which is a great achievement for myself as it has been a lifelong goal. I am now seven years clean down the line and in full time employment at a rehabilitation centre doing and enjoying the job I love. It has not been easy but it has been so worth it.